Sunday, 14 October 2012

Medical check up 

We arrange for medical check ups of all the sponsored children, at least once a year. These children undergo general medical check up and at times, as per the need, a specialized one, like dental check up or eye check up and so on. The medical history of all the children is meticulously documented in their case file. If referred for a specialized treatment, the children are assisted for the same. This is a preventive measure. Children are referred to the community kitchens or given special nutrition programme on the basis of this check up. At times, the non-sponsored children as well as the siblings or the other family members of the sponsored children benefit from this service.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

Many a times, the children or their family members need to take medical treatment, the cost of which creates pressure on their monthly budget and can cause strife and tension in the family. To help the family in such situations, the sponsorship programme takes partial care of the medical expenses. In case of urgent surgeries, CFI shoulders the financial responsibility, since a human life is at stake.  

Awareness camps 

We arrange various awareness camps for the different age groups. Some of these are camp for the adolescent health, camp to educate people about communicable diseases, camp for awareness about HIV/ AIDS and so on. Essentially, these measures are preventive and proactive.